18 People from Maharashtra to Lucknow were traveling in the Cement Mixer Truck

A group of laborers, eager to enter their homes, crawled into the belly of a cement mixer truck, which was on its way from Maharashtra to Lucknow. Police arrested 18 men inside the truck on Saturday who was traveling.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 03, 2020 10:19 IST

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Dangerous Travel to Home

Though states have begun to promote the movement of stranded migrants through India, 18 people have been discovered moving in the mixer tank of Madhya Pradesh's Indore concrete mixer vehicle. The truck was sent to the police department and filed an FIR. The persons reportedly had come to Lucknow from Maharashtra.

DSP Umakant Chaudhary said: "They were traveling from Maharashtra to Lucknow. The truck has been sent to a police station and an FIR has been registered" In a video of the incident, after being intercepted, the men are seen crawling one by one out of a hole in the cement mixer. Clutching at knapsacks and with some with masks over their mouths, they were seen gingerly stepping out of the belly of the truck. More details in this regard are awaited. 


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