2 Jharkhand girls donate pocket money for PM-CARES Fund

Two girls, aged 5 and 8, donated Rs 2,440 of their pocket money to the PM-CARES fund to counter the coronavirus pandemic at Jharkhand's Gumla. Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan, Gumla said the two girls, identified as 5-yr-old Shreyanshi and 8-yr-old Priyanshi, visited him with their father at his office, and handed him their pocket money.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 17, 2020 20:07 IST

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Positive initiative

Accompanied by their father Shankar Mishra, the girls said they were saving the money to fight the COVID-19 outbreak together.

Mr Mishra said: "The girls had some money ... whatever they got from us and from my parents. When they saw the appeal on TV from the prime minister to donate money during this crisis, they took out their savings and showed the willingness to give it to the PM.

I'm proud of the two kids. It is a positive initiative and a work of imitation, "said the Deputy Commissioner, adding that he sent the money to the PM-CARES fund. Trainee IAS officer Manish Kumar, who was present when the girls gave the money to the DC, said it's the moment of pride and their initiative is inspiring.

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