5 Photo Applications in the cloud to preserve your photos for free

Who doesn't enjoy photographs and with cameras open to almost everyone, people are taking more images than ever thanks to cell phones? But it can be a challenging job to store hundreds of images, particularly if you don't have plenty of storage on your camera and not every picture is worth having it printed. Ok, you need a photo app that can store your picture in the cloud with ease. We've handpicked the best photo apps that you can download on your Android or iOS device.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 08, 2020 12:29 IST

Tags: App News Tech
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A Saviour to the Photos

Who doesn't love photography and with cameras available to virtually all, due to mobile phones, people are taking more photos than ever? But saving hundreds of pictures can be a difficult challenge, particularly if you don't have plenty of storage on your computer and not every photo is worth getting it printed. Sure, you need a photo app that would be able to conveniently store your picture in the cloud. Many picture apps operate to simplify the cloud storage cycle for both Android and iPhone users. Not every device offers you the same amount of features or free data. So, we've selected five applications that you can run on your smartphone to store images in the cloud conveniently and quickly.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the popular solutions for storing photos online. It lets you back up unlimited photos of up to 16-megapixel resolution for free and is accessible through any mobile device running Android or iOS or directly through the Web — by visiting photos.google.com. In addition to storing photos, this Google photo app can be used to store unlimited videos of up to 1080p resolution. Recent updates to Google Photos also brought features such as private messaging and manual face tagging of contacts.


If Google Photos isn't something that you want to store your memories for some reason, you can go with Dropbox that also provides features such as camera uploads and screenshot backups. The Dropbox's cloud storage that's available on Android and iOS platforms and is accessible online through dropbox.com, comes with 2GB of free storage. Users can, of course, go with a paid plan to get up to 3TB of cloud storage. Dropbox is also claimed to support over 35 image file types and comes with a dedicated Photos tab to let you easily find what you want to see.

Apple Photos

For users who have an iPhone or iPad, Apple Photos is the best native option to use. Apple provides 5GB of cloud storage space through iCloud that can be used to store various photos and videos. You can also enable the iCloud Photos feature on your iPhone by going to Settings > Photos to let Apple Photos automatically upload and store all your photos and videos on your cloud storage quota that you can browse, search, and share from any of your devices. Further, there are paid iCloud plans that offer up to 2TB of space. Although Android users don't have a dedicated app to access Apple Photos storage, you can access your iCloud account by visiting icloud.com through an Android device.

Microsoft OneDrive

For any reason, if you don't want to use Google Photos, Dropbox, or iCloud to store your precious memories, you can go with Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft offers 5GB of free OneDrive cloud storage for users signing up for the first time. You can also connect your Office 365 account, if you have one, to expand storage to 1TB. OneDrive also comes with a Camera backup feature to let you enable auto-upload of photos and videos to your account. Additionally, you can share your photos with your loved ones while observing quarantine or staying at home due to the lockdown. You can install the OneDrive app on your Android and iOS devices.


The last photo app that we've included in our list is Box that provides up to 10GB of cloud storage, with a limit of 250MB per file upload. The Box app can be used to easily upload your favorite photos. It also offers a full-screen preview for over 200 file types. Further, multiple files available on a Box account can be shared through a single link. You can also enable commenting and mentioning from your colleagues to receive their views on a particular photo. Furthermore, the Box app has a real-time search that works across devices.

Features Google Photos Dropbox Apple Photos Microsoft OneDrive Box
Auto-backup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social network sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image tagging Yes No Yes No No
Cloud editing Yes No Yes No No
Timeline view Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location-based searching Yes No Yes No No
Duplicate photos deletion Yes No No No No
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