Google Classroom App

Google Classroom App: Google Classroom App is a free service for schools, non-profit organizations, and any users with a personal Google account. Google Classroom connects learners and instructors both inside and outside of schools. The Google Classroom App is available for IOS and android. Know how to download Google Classroom App, benefits, and many others from this article. 

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Google Classroom App

What is Google Classroom App?

Google Classroom App has been launched with an aim to helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. Classroom, the new tool in Google Apps, is meant for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly. Using Classroom app teachers can provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. 

Google Classroom integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Drive. School and non-profit organizations will find the Google Classroom as a core service of G Suite for Education and G Suite for Nonprofits, which are free. Teachers & Students with a personal Google Account can also use Google Classroom app for free. Google Classroom mobile apps were introduced in January 2015. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. The app will allow the users to take photos and attach them to their assignments with their teachers, share files from other apps, and support offline access.

About Google Classroom App

Google Classroom App
Developed by Google
Released on 12 August 014 (initial release)
Operating system (OS) IOS, Android, Web browser
App Type Education

What are the benefits of Google Classroom Apps?

The Google Classroom Apps will help students with a set of technical skills that can help them compete in the world's job market. The platform can save a lot of time and energy and can help the students to better prepare your students for the future. Google Classroom App will help s students organize their work in Google Drive, complete and turn it in, and communicate directly with their teachers and peers. Some of the benefits of the Google Classroom Apps is listed below:

  • Teachers can set up a class easily and invite students and co-teachers. Bothe Teachers and students share information like assignments, questions, and materials.

  • Google Classroom will save both time and paper. Using Google Classroom teachers can create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized, all in one place. Google Classroom will create Drive folders automatically for each and every assignment and for each student. Students, in the Google Classroom App/Platform, can easily check what's due on their Assignments page.

  • One of the most important benefits is Students can't lose work if they are absent. As the students usually working in Google Drive, everything gets saved automatically and excuses dwindle. Using the few short lessons the students will learn how to properly use the Google Classroom platform. The students will also experience more success in getting organized.

What to do with Google Classroom App?

Google Classroom provides free service students and anyone with a personal Google account. Google Classroom makes it easy for learners and teachers. Using the Google Classroom App teachers and students can communicate without any disturbance. Google Classroom can be used for: 


  • Teachers & Students can create and collect assignments. Google Classroom knits together Google Drive, Docs, and Gmail to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly. The teachers can quickly check who has or hasn't completed or submitted the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback to individual students. Teachers can instantly start class discussions. On the other hand, Students can also share resources with their teachers and interact in the class stream or by email. Teachers can give direct, real-time feedback and grades.

  • Google Classroom will improve class communications. The participating teachers can make announcements, ask questions, and comment with students in real-time. This will improve communication inside and outside of class.


  • To track all the classwork and materials

  • Can share resources and interact in the class stream or by email

  • Can submit assignments

  • Can get feedback & grades


  • Parents or Guardians will get an email summary of the work of their children. The summary will include information like missing work, upcoming assignments, and class activity.

  • Also, it should be noted that the Guardians can’t sign in to Google Classroom directly. Parents or guardians will receive email summaries through another account.


  • can view, create, or delete any class in their domain

  • can newly add or remove students and teachers from classes.

  • can view all the work done in all classes in their domain.

How to download Google Classroom app?

Google Classroom has an app for both Android and iOS. Users including teachers and students can download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. With the Google Classroom app, the users can do few things that are done through a Web browser, but not everything. Teachers might find the Google Classroom app a bit limiting.

Teachers & students who are participating can install the Google Classroom app on Android, Apple iPhone or iPad, or mobile devices running Chrome Operating System (OS) to manage their classes and get work done. In a computer or PC, there is no need for the users to install anything. 

How to install Google Classroom App on a mobile device:

Teachers and the student should know that the Google Classroom app isn't available for Microsoft and Windows mobile devices. To download the Google Classroom App in their android devices, the users are advised to follow the steps discussed below:

For users to use Classroom on the Android device, visit Google play store

  • Search for Google Classroom App

  • Install the Google Classroom app

  • Open the classroom app and avail of the benefits.

Install Google Classroom app 

For the iPhone and iPad:

  • Visit Apple App Store

  • Search for Google Classroom App

  • Install the Google Classroom app

Upon installing in mobile, the users must notice the following:

Camera: Permission is needed to allow the user to take photos or videos and post them to the Google Classroom.
Storage: Permission is needed to allow the user to attach photos, videos, and local files to the Classroom. It will ask the user to enable offline support.
Accounts: Permission is needed to allow the user to choose which account to use in the Google Classroom.

How to sign in to Google Classroom?

To use and begin with the Google Classroom, the users must sign in the Classroom. Based on the learning setting, the user can sign in to Google Classroom with one of the following user account types:

  1. School account: It is also known as a G Suite for Education account. The account is set up by an accredited school. The account will look like [email protected] If the student does not know the G Suite for Education account details, they must ensure with their teacher or the school's IT admin.

  2. Personal Google Account: Personal login is set up by the student and the parent or guardian. If the user logs in and uses a personal Google Account outside of a school setting, such as a homeschool. It will look like [email protected] 

  3. G Suite account: This type of account is set up by the organization's admin. It will look like [email protected]

  4. It should be noted that Parents and guardians can't access the Google Classroom or their child's assignments due to privacy laws. Guardians will receive email summaries of their child's teacher allows it. 

How to sign in to Google Classroom App?

Students must have an active internet connection to sign in Google Classroom App. After signing in using a valid e-mail ID, the students can use the Google Classroom. If you are signing for the first time in Google Classroom App, follow the steps below:

  • Tap Classroom

  • Click Get Started

  • Tap Add Account and then choose OK

  • Enter the username and click Next

  • Enter the password and tap Next

  • Read the welcome message which is displayed on the screen and tap Accept.

  • Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and tap I agree.

  • If you're using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher.

  • Pick your role

  • Click Get Started

Google Classroom Apps - FAQ

1. Can parents have access to Google classroom?

Google Classroom is only two roles- teacher, and student. The parents won't be able to join Google Classroom because they don't have an account on the school domain. The teachers participating in the Classroom can invite parents to sign up for guardian summaries.

2. Can I log into Google classroom without a Gmail account?

Yes, you can log into Google classroom without a Gmail account. A user doesn't need to have Gmail enabled to use the Google Classroom. But, if the administrator hasn't enabled Gmail, teachers, and students won't receive email notifications.

3. When I turn in an assignment to Google classroom, can my teacher see submission?

Yes. The teacher can see the time you submit the assignment. The teacher may also set a time limit to submit the assignment, post which if someone submits an assignment, the student will get a notification via email.

4. Is Google classroom free?

Google Classroom is a free web service offered by Google. It is made especially for schools that are using Google Apps for Education. But there's a paid G Suite Enterprise for Education tier that includes additional features, such as advanced video conferencing features, advanced security, and premium support.