Aarogya Setu App Rescues 3 Users who Reported Possible COVID-19 Infection in UP

Three Corona suspects from Uttar Pradesh reported themselves to the government through the Aarogya app and their samples have now been sent for testing. Read on to know more details.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 22, 2020 19:15 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Aarogya Setu App to the Rescue.

The three persons had downloaded the Aarogya Setu app and filled the questionnaire for self-assessment, which tells users the risk level of catching the infection. Their samples have now been sent for testing after they reported themselves to the government using the Aarogya Setu app.

Since their risk level was high, the app provided them with options to contact helpline for testing or pass the information to the health ministry. They chose to inform the health ministry, which then told the state government.

"After getting names, addresses, and phone numbers of three persons from the government, we sent our staff to collect the samples which have been sent for testing," said chief medical officer Dr. Narendra Agarwal. He said that if people download the Aarogya app, it will help the government a great deal since they would be able to realize the seriousness of the situation and report themselves to the concerned authorities, as it happened in these cases. Check out the video below to know more about the app.


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