Actress Rambha Celebrates her 10th year Wedding Anniversary with her Husband.

Indian actress Rambha celebrates her 10th year wedding anniversary with her husband Indran. Check out her celebration photos and videos here.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 13, 2020 19:04 IST

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Rambha Celebrates her 10th year Wedding Anniversary.

Recently, Rambha celebrated her 10th Wedding anniversary with her husband, Indran. She had shared the photos and videos of the celebration in her social media. Her three children, Laanya, Sasha, and Shivin, are seen singing the celebration song as the couple cuts the cake after kissing each other. 

In the post, she revealed that they made their arrangements within their home and baked the cake by themselves, helping each other. Check out the post here:


Rambha got married to a Canada-based businessman Indran Pathmanathan in 2010. She bid goodbye to her acting career after marriage and settled in Toronto with her husband. Protection Status