All 87 screened Negative for Coronavirus at Imphal from Guwahati

All the 87 passengers brought in from Guwahati by the Manipur government in four luxurious buses were noticed on Sunday to be COVID-19 negative. Since the start of the nationwide shutdown, the men, mainly students, had been taking refuge at the Manipur House in Guwahati.

Updated: May 03, 2020 17:01 IST


Hari Aditya

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Migrant Students Arrived to Imphal

All of the 87 people carried from Guwahati by the Manipur government in four luxurious buses on Sunday were found to be COVID-19 negative. The men, mainly students, had taken shelter from the start of nationwide lockdown at the Manipur House in Guwahati. T. Bhimo, director of J.N. Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS), Imphal, said 44 have been checked at the District Institute of Medical Sciences while the others have been evaluated at the JNIMS. Samples were obtained on Saturday evening shortly after the buses arrived in Imphal. They had all been staying at the Imphal Valley Academy.

Government reports have claimed stranded Manipuris had appealed to help them enter their homes. The official estimation is that there are around 50,000 Manipuri graduates, merchants, entrepreneurs, government employees, and employees of private companies around the world.