Arjun Bijlani is worried about the health of his mother: check out the detailed news here

Naagin Actor Arjun Bijlani's mother's health is reportedly worried. The actor felt utterly helpless because he couldn't render a hello to her. 

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 22:07 IST

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Naagin's actor is worried. 

Naagin Actor Arjun Bijlani's mother's health is reportedly worried. According to the news, Shakti Bijlani lives in Malad, Mumbai, with her younger son, who is now sealed. In an interview with an entertainment blog, the actor recently disclosed that his mother had some health issues, including diabetes and back problems. Even because of the lockout, the actor can not meet his mother.

In an interview, Arjun Bijlani said he and his family never faced problems. He finds it difficult to accept that even though they are not far away, he can't reach his parents. He also revealed his brother and mom live alone, and that she's a patient with diabetes. Arjun Bijlani also said she still does household work despite having back problems.

Arjun Bijlani opened, saying he was in tears when he spoke to her recently because she continued to tell him about her job. He said he often felt powerless and anxious, but couldn't stop her. But Arjun still feels strong, saying that everyone will fight this virus together and become a winner.

The actor also discussed how the lockout is done. He said he adapted very well. He also remembered his history when Arjun was packed with great positivity during his struggle. He said he's a workaholic, but he's out of work right now. He also suggested "be solid and stay optimistic" for his fans.

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