Arjun Ram Pal shared a request video to avoid chaos at Liquor shops to maintain Social Distancing

Arjun Ram Pal, a famous actor shared a request video to the public who stands out of liquor shop to maintain a social distance to avoid the spread of corona and not to make chaos outside liquor shops.

Updated: May 06, 2020 17:52 IST




Arjun Ram Pal - Awareness Video

Arjun Ram Pal, a famous actor shared a request sharing a chaotic video that was found outside liquor shops in India. After lockdown, the shops are opened in some states. Arjun Rampal is an Indian film actor, producer, screenwriter, model, entrepreneur, and television personality. He made his debut in Rajiv Rai's romance Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat.

He captioned "Outside liquor stores, as they have been opened. I urge the government to please stop this immediately. This is absolute chaos and there is no level of discipline being maintained, or any kind of social distancing. These guys deserve a thrashing, not drinking. #badmove #stopliquormenace"

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