Bill Gates reveals what the Planet has to do to Combat the Pandemic Covid-19. Heres what he has to

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and billionaire philanthropist, proposed a roadmap on what the planet has to do to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 02, 2020 19:27 IST

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Innovation to Battle Covid-19

In his blog article, GatesNotes,  Bill Gates contrasted the epidemic of Coronavirus to World War II and proposed innovation as a method to counter the epidemic. Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has outlined a plan as to what the world needs to do in order to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

"During World War II, an amazing amount of innovation, including radar, reliable torpedoes, and code-breaking, helped end the war faster. This will be the same with the pandemic. I break the innovation into five categories: treatments, vaccines, testing, contact tracing, and policies for opening up. Without some advances in each of these areas, we cannot return to the business as usual or stop the virus," he wrote in his blog.

Treatments: Gates said that although a variety of experimental approaches are actually being carried out, most would struggle. And he stayed hopeful that any of these therapies would reduce the stress of disease.

"If in the spring of 2021 people are going to big public events—like a game or concert in a stadium—it will be because we have a miraculous treatment that made people feel confident about going out again," he wrote.

 Vaccines: The billionaire philanthropist believes that it will take a "short of a miracle treatment" to return the world to where it was before COVID-19 showed up. He said that while developing a vaccine typically takes around five years, in the case of Covid- 19, it is likely to be around 18 months or "as short as nine months or closer to two years."

Testing: Gates claims that the government would have to offer importance to selecting the right people as regards education. He claims asymptomatic patients shouldn't be checked before patients with signs have adequate scans. He also said that the test results would return in under 24 hours "so you quickly know whether to continue isolating yourself and quarantining the people who live with you."

Contact tracing: Gates also highlighted the importance of contact tracing in fighting the virus outbreak. He said that the key priority should be testing people who have been in contact with people who have tested positive. He also praised Germany for its contact tracing efforts.

Opening up: As far as opening up businesses and public places are concerned, Gates said that most developed countries will be "moving into the second phase of the epidemic in the next two months." He described this phase as "semi-normal". "The rules about what is allowed should change gradually so that we can see if the contact level is starting to increase the number of infections. Countries will be able to learn from other countries that have strong testing systems in place to inform them when problems come up," he wrote.

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