Birthday Wishes to Lisa Ray

When Lisa Ray turns 48 today, here are five announcements made by the star regarding things such as her cancer battle, her mother's car crash and her public image being separated.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 04, 2020 13:27 IST

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Battle of an Actress 

Lisa Ray, renowned to her credit for becoming a famous model-turned-actor in India with films including Water and Kasoor, is celebrating her 48th birthday today. The cancer survivor is now also an author and published her last year's autobiography, Next to the Heart, pouring out some of the darkest truths of her experience.

Lisa is married to Jason Dehni and both are parents to twin girls Sufi and Soleil, who were raised into surrogacy. Her Instagram page is filled with lots of cute videos of her one-year-old twins, whom she calls Souffle when they're presented together. Nevertheless, her book revealed another side of her life as she spoke about her cancer battle, her profession as an actress and model, and the incident. Multiple Myeloma has been identified in Lisa, a disease that affects the bone marrow. She relapsed in 2012, just as she was preparing to get married, despite being pronounced cancer-free in 2010. Below are some of Lisa's biggest reveals:

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