Celebrities Respond To 9 PM 9 Minutes League On Sunday

Celebrities from different industries respond to PM Narendra Modi's request to all Indians to light lamps, candles, torches, diyas, etc., on Sunday at 9 pm for 9 minutes to eradicate the darkness of our lives created by the coronavirus.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 06, 2020 13:59 IST

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From The Big Star Rajinikanth to Budding Star Vijay Deverakonda Respond To The 9 pm 9 Minutes League.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call on lighting diyas, candles, lamps, torches had a great response on Sunday. Along with the rest of India, celebrities from different industries came forward to gesture gratitude to the warriors of corona and to fight the darkness of the COVID19 pandemic.

Rajinikanth along with his wife Lata was seen holding a candle

Malayali fame Mohanla, standing with his wife and his son surrounded by lamps and candles in his home

Famous star Nadiya who recently joined Instagram shares a picture and wrote "Seeking light in these dark times"

Allu Arjun along with his entire family is seen holding candles and diyas

Vijay Deverakonda also joined along with his family

Kollywood actress Aishwarya Rajesh lighting a diya

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