Check out Liquor bills from Bengaluru worth Rs.52k and Rs.95k

Liquor shops were reopened across Red, Orange, and Green Zones on 4 May amid the third phase of the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Roselet Sheena Merli

Updated: May 06, 2020 16:10 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Liquor bills worth Rs.52k and Rs.95k amid lockdown

Amid the third phase of extended lockdown, states, including Karnataka, did massive business worth crores. A picture of a liquor bill amounting to Rs.52,841 has gone viral on the internet as netizens expressed severe disbelief.

Liquor worth Rs.52,841 was purchased from a shop named Vanilla Spirit Zone in Bengaluru. The picture of the Bill has gone viral on the internet since Monday evening. Abhishek Baadkar, a Twitter user, shared a picture of the bill, saying, "Someone spent his month's salary today".

Also, another liquor receipt amounting to Rs.95,347 went viral on Twitter as it was billed in a wine shop in Bengaluru as well. The name of the store wasn't visible on the bill. It was clear that the shop was located in Dollars Colony in Karnataka.

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The netizens and social media users have commented in the section and several users also posted funny memes. Protection Status