Check out Saqib Saleems video for abs workout

If you are missing working out at the gym which is currently out of bounds owing to the lockdown, try out these workouts by Saqib Saleem.

by Roselet Sheena Merli

Updated: Apr 23, 2020 16:48 IST

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Home Workout by Saqib Saleem

It's a universal truth that there is nothing like a good sweat at the gym. If you too have been missing those gym sessions lately, take a look at Saqib Saleem’s inspiring workout from 2016.

The actor was doing Pallof Press variation in a video shared by his trainer Vilayat Husain. In his post, Husain captioned, “Saqib (@saqibsaleem) doing a Pallof Press variation using a cable. Train the core by emphasizing pillar strength which integrates the shoulder, lats, and the hips.”


Pallof Press:

Pallof Press borrows its name from physical therapist John Pallof. Pallof Press is a core stabilization exercise that is known to improve the total functional fitness of athletes including the front abdominal muscles or abs. Functional fitness or core strength is essential for doing any kind of exercise, power, and strength and improving muscular endurance.

Significance of the exercise

The anti-rotation hold exercise helps in resisting excessive spinal rotation. The exercise will benefit those who train for sports as the exercise preps the body for twists and turns like in-field activities. The exercise can help to prevent lower back pain. They will also reduce injury risk which is common during sporting activities.

How to do Pallof Press?

In the video, Saleem did an overhead Pallof Press variation by raising his hands. This will engage your lower abdominals and bring in more shoulder engagement.

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To do a standard Pallof variation, attach a D-handle to a cable pulley. Hold it and stand with your left shoulder pointed towards the machine but far away, enough to feel the tension on the cable. By keeping the hips and shoulders square, try pressing the cable straight in front of the body without letting your body tilt towards the machine. Hold the position for at least two seconds and then return the hands to the original position. Finish 3 sets of eight-12 reps on each side.

How does Pallof press work?

During the exercise, the hands travel away from the chest. The effect is visible on the core which has to engage more strength to pull off the weight. The stabilizers in the core muscles get working, which helps develop strength. Protection Status