Corona pandemic update: India exceeds 40,000 active cases with 2000 active cases on a single day

The Ministry of Health reported that the country had a total of 39,980 novel coronavirus cases and that the death toll was 1,301. At present, Sunday morning, there are 28,046 active cases and 10,633 cured / unburdened / migrated.

by Nithiya

Updated: May 03, 2020 19:07 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Covid -29 cases rose to 40,000 in a single day in India. 

The highest single-day rate with over 2,600 cases was recorded on Saturday morning in India, and Sunday morning, the Union's Ministry of Health showed the latest data. 

Thirty-one new novel cases of coronavirus have been reported in Rajasthan and 21 cases in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. On Saturday, 384 new cases of coronavirus were reported for Delhi in 24 hours, and the national capital recorded a total of 4,122, while Uttar Pradesh reports 159 cases with a total of 2,487 in total.

According to news agency PTI, on Saturday, 790 people were tested positively, and 36 deaths in Maharashtra were notified, a total of 12,296.
The number of new coronavirus cases in western Bengal reached 886, 15 more died in Covid-19, and 127 in 48 hours on Saturday positive test.

In the meantime, Monday will all enter its third lockdown phase since several districts are looking forward to easing the lockdown of lockdowns in areas like green and orange.

In accordance with the latest 'Red Zone' guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, certain activities are allowed, but containment zones for Covid-19 containment zones will be strictly locked to check the event of dreaded infection. Protection Status