Coronavirus: India sees a wave in positive cases, in single day

On Sunday night India's COVID-19 death toll crossed the 100- mark and reached 124, after registering 27 new deaths, the highest single-day casualty outbreak in the last 24 hours. With 13 deaths, the toll in Maharashtra. The worst affected state. Stood at 45, which is 36% of the nation's casualties.

by Sabiya

Updated: Apr 06, 2020 13:30 IST

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India’s corona toll to 124

On Sunday, for the fourth consecutive day, India registered an increase of 500-plus cases. With 553 news cases, the total number of cases has crossed the 4000-mark at 4218. Maharashtra covers the chart with 748cases, 113 of which were reported. Mumbai is the worst afflicted with 30 of the 45 deaths in Maharashtra coming from there.

Mumbai accounts for 60% or 458 cases in the state. It recorded eight new deaths, the majority of who were above the age of 55 years and had underlying health conditions. Tamil Nadu reported the highest number of positive cases, 86, taking the total to 571. Delhi continues to be the third-worst affected state with 58 new cases on Sunday, bringing the total to 303. Though the toll collated from different States stands at 124, the health ministry has confirmed only 84 deaths and 3.377 positive cases. 

Joint secretary, Lav Agarwal in the health ministry, said the rate of doubling of Covid-19 cases at present is 4.1 days. If the absence of a sudden spurt in cases owing to Tablighi Jamaat delegates testing positive, this would have been 74 days. Protection Status