Couldnt Smell Or Taste Anything? Says Ahmedabad Woman Who Tested Coronavirus +ve

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Sumiti Singh, Ahmedabad's second coronavirus case, spoke about her path to rehabilitation. MS Singh, who developed the infection on a trip to Finland, opened up about the symptoms she encountered on coming home, how she forced her family into isolation after she tested positive for the disease and the treatment she got at the hospital where she was treated.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 15, 2020 16:08 IST

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Second Victim of Covid-19

Sumiti Singh, Ahmedabad's second coronavirus patient, spoke about her journey to recovery in an interview with Humans of Bombay. MS Singh, who contracted the infection during a trip to Finland, opened up about the symptoms she experienced on returning home, how her family was put in quarantine once she tested positive for the disease and the care she received at the hospital where she was treated. "When I got a mild fever with chills, I self-isolated in my room," she said to Humans of Bombay after explaining that she had returned from Finland where she took "every precaution". "At first my family doctor thought it was because of the sudden temperature change and prescribed antibiotics. But I didn't risk it." 

Ms. Singh continued to lock herself in her room where no one of the family was permitted to come in. She said she was being served food on a table outside her house, so she scrubbed each utensil clean before returning it. The symptoms, though, started to escalate, to the point that she had a cough and continued to experience "a tightness" in the chest. She was originally positive as she took herself to the hospital. Two days later, however, she was told she was the second successful patient with coronavirus in Ahmedabad.

"But, two days later, when they told me I was the 2nd positive patient in Ahmedabad, my heart sank. I had taken every precaution there was. I was terrified, more so for my family— what if I had infected them?" said Ms. Singh to Humans of Bombay. After that, within an hour, her house was fumigated and her family put into immediate quarantine by Amdavad Municipal Corporation, while she herself was taken to the hospital. 

Speaking about her diagnosis for coronavirus, MS Singh said the first two days were scary but thanked the doctors and nurses as "superheroes." "On top of all the symptoms, I couldn't smell or taste anything either! But the doctors and nurses were my superheroes. They monitored me every two hours and took fabulous care of me," she said. 

After 2 days, she tested negative for the diseases twice and was discharged from the hospital. "That day, I entered my gates to see my family along with my whole society clapping and cheering for me," she said.

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