Countrywise Coronavirus Updates: Total number of cases 3,484,631 death toll rise to 244,791

The COVID-19 coronavirus affects 212 countries and territories worldwide and two international transport. The afternoon of GMT+0 is reset. The United Nations geoscheme is the basis of the list of countries and territories and their continental, regional classifications. "Last Updates" provides sources. Find out more about the COVID-19 data of the Worldometer. 

by Nithiya

Updated: May 03, 2020 12:09 IST

Tags: World Corona
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Coronavirus update: Country-wise

Here are the coronavirus country-specific updates. The total number of countries and territories that the new covid-19 affects is 210. The US is hardly affected by coronavirus among these states and ranks first in the table and Spain and Italy. According to the report, there are 3,484,631 new cases in the whole of the world and +3,282, with a total of 244,791 fatalities. In the US, there are 1,160,838 cases to date


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