Countrywise Covid-19 Updates: Total number of cases 1,444,822, death toll rise to 83,103

The countrywise coronavirus updates are stated here. The total number of countries and territories affected by the novel covid-19 is 209. Among those countries, the US is hardly affected by the coronavirus and ranks first position in the table followed by Spain and Italy. As per the report, the total number of cases across the world is 1,444,822, new cases are +13,903, and total deaths are 83,103. So far the total number of cases recorded in the US is 400,549. 


by Kavitha

Updated: May 02, 2020 16:06 IST

Tags: World Corona
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Country-wise Covid-19 Updates: 

Currently, active cases include 1,052,606 among these 1,004,626 cases - mild condition and the remaining 47,980 cases are serious/critical. The total number of closed cases is 392,216 among these 309,113 cases recovered/discharged, and the remaining 83,103 falls under death rate.

Total Cases: 1,444,822

Total New Cases: +13,903

Total Deaths: 83,103

Total No. of New Deaths: +1,069

Total Recovered: 309,113

Total Active Cases: 1,052,606

Total No. of Serious, Critical Cases: 47,980

Total Cases/ 1M Pop: 185.4

Total Deaths/1M Pop: 10.7 Protection Status