Covid-19 Hume Garv Hai

As the country iS under the lockout, Today PM Modi addressed the country and announced the national lockout as extended until May 3. Most people are starving for food in the war against Coronavirus as well as the country's economy is also seriously impacted. People are searching for policy assistance during this time of lockout. We will view the HumeGarvHai hashtag on the twitter account trending. Let's see what's all about the hashtag.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 14, 2020 14:33 IST

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Covid-19 - I am Proud Of

#HumeGarvHai hashtag trending in twitter and a verdict states that 'I am Proud Of' stated the pride of the frontliners and helpers, who were helping the Government and Public to fight the Covid-19. Some of the famous trending tweets:

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