Covid Tracker: Delhi, MP, Maharashtra have seen the highest rise in cases this week

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released data last night which showed the number of registered covid-19 cases in India rose 18 percent over the past two days to 12,759. This is a slower increase compared to the previous 48 hours when the number of cases registered increased to 10,815 by 28 percent.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 22, 2020 14:02 IST

Tags: India Corona
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Number of Covid-19 cases

The number of cases so far this week has risen by 33 percent (between Sunday evening and Thursday evening). This is a much slower increase compared to the four days ago when reported cases had risen by 60%. Though India's covid-19 trajectory has marginally tapered, it remains steeper compared to Asian peers like Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The curve of India is flatter than that of the US, which has emerged as the latest epicenter of the global pandemic, with the majority of active cases and deaths at the moment.

India's covid-19 death toll is increasing at a faster rate compared with the count of cases. Last evening's death toll was 420, double what it was six days ago. At 2,437, according to the health ministry report on Thursday evening, Maharashtra leads in terms of number of active covid-19 cases. Active cases exclude deaths from the list of reported cases and recoveries

Delhi has the second most active number of cases (1,504), followed closely by Tamil Nadu (1,110). Madhya Pradesh has the fourth-highest number of active cases at 1,003 active cases followed by Rajasthan (873). Nationally, the top five states collectively account for 64 percent of active incidents, and the top ten states account for 90 percent of all incidents. Nationally, as of yesterday evening, the active count of cases was 10,824. Those are early days yet and can change the state-wise distribution in the days ahead.

The top ten districts now account for 44 percent of the country's confirmed cases, and the top 50 districts comprise nearly 72 percent of the cases. Forty-one districts have confirmed cases so far. Of those districts, Mumbai (2.073 cases) registered most cases nationally, followed by Indore (707) in Madhya Pradesh, Ahmedabad (545) in Gujarat, Jaipur (481) in Rajasthan, and Pune (473) in Maharashtra, respectively. Hyderabad (364) in Telangana, New Delhi (330), South Delhi (320), Maharashtra in Thane (293), and Tamil Nadu in Chennai (222) are the other top hotspots in the country.

More than 2.1 million people have now been identified globally as covid-19 patients, even as many parts of the world, including India, have taken extreme lockdown steps in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Protection Status