Department of Telecom not providing free internet during the Lockdown, Says PIB

Fact Check Unit of Press Information Bureau has clarified that the Department of Telecom is not providing free internet to all users till May 3, 2020, to enable them to work from home by clicking on a given link.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 23, 2020 10:01 IST

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PIBFactCheck a Saviour from Rumors

The Press Information Bureau's Fact Check Unit has clarified that the Telecom Department will not provide all users with free internet until May 3, 2020, to allow them to operate from home by clicking on a provided link. "The fake information in circulation has claimed that free internet is being provided to all by the Department to enable them to work from home," read an official statement on Wednesday.

PIB has made it clear that the assertion is incorrect, and that the connection is malicious. "In the meantime, the Ministry of Home Affairs has explained that if their workers check positive for COVID19 are incorrect several media stories alleging disciplinary proceedings against business directors and executives. The guidelines instead prescribe penalties if the offense occurs with consent, cognizance, or negligence of an employer," the statement added. In order to check the spread of fake news on social media and following observations of the Supreme Court, PIB set up a dedicated unit to bust rumors getting viral on social media.

'PlBFactCheck' is a verified handle on Twitter that continuously monitors trending messages on social media platforms and conducts a comprehensive review of its contents to bust fake news. Protection Status