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Dia is an Indian 2020 romantic drama Kannada film written and directed by K S Ashoka and produced by D Krishna Chaitanya under Sri Swarnalatha Productions. It got released in India on 7 February 2020.

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What is Dia?

Dia is an Indian 2020 romantic Kannada film, written and directed by K S Ashoka, and produced under Sri Swarnalatha Productions by D Krishna Chaitanya. With a music score by B, Featuring Pruthvi Ambaar, Dheekshith, and Kushee Ajaneesh Loknath, released on 7th February 2020 in India.

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What is Dia's Plot?

Biotechnology student Dia Swaroop is an introverted girl who lives in Bengaluru. She falls for Rohith, one of her fellow students. She struggles to convey her feelings because of her introversion until Rohit moves out of the country. Dismayed, she's moving through her work in routine, where she grows fear of her father. After three years, Dia encounters Rohit in Mumbai again where she has relocated and work from there. She refuses to talk to him again, unwilling to resolve her introversion. Nevertheless, Rohit speaks to her and they both establish a friendship slowly. Rohit admits she's his girlfriend and indicates his passion for her. She confesses and hugs him. They 're met with an accident one night as they were coming back from a movie. When Dia wakes up in hospital and searches for Rohit, her uncle has told her that Rohit has passed away. 

Unable to acknowledge the demise of Rohit, Dia experiences deep depression and tries to kill herself at the railway crossings. While waiting for the train to arrive, she was distracted by a telephone call from a good samaritan, Adi, who had picked up Dia 's bag from a robber she didn't even know about. Miffed at the intrusion she asks him not to contact her again but to hold it. Coincidentally, Adi and Dia proceed to run into one another and Dia shows her history to him. Adi tries to pull Dia out of her chaos with his happy-go-lucky disposition and charisma and establishes a relationship with her. They soon remember how much they want to be with each other, and profess their affection. Dia happily returns to Mumbai where she is surprised to see that Rohit is waiting for her. It is announced that Rohit has been pronounced brain dead without any assurance that he will recover her father lied to Dia to move forward. Miserable, she's calling Adi, and asking him. While broken in spirit, Adi tells Dia to stay happily with Rohit.

Adi gets to hear about Dia 's reception and, with his mother forbidding him, goes to visit her one more time. He greets and wishes them well a disheartened Dia and peaceful Rohit and returns home. There he learns his mother died as a result of major heart arrest and if anyone was with her she might have been rescued. Meanwhile, Dia confesses to Rohit and distraught Rohit asks her to go back to Adi to be safe. Elated, Dia goes to the home of Adi and finds him gone. Everywhere, she searches for him until an automobile driver reveals that Adi has gone to the same place she went to commit suicide. Adi, experiencing tremendous sorrow over the death of his parents and felt incapable of surviving without his parents and Dia, attempted to commit suicide at the railway crossings. One last time he prays to God for Dia 's joy and waits for the boat. Dia meets him frantically on schedule and lets him back. Adi turns to her shocked and astonished that he forgets to shift and gets struck by the train as Dia stands stunned.

Dia - Full Movie Download

Dia is KS Ashoka's second feature film which comes seven years after his successful debut with the Romantic film. It is a romantic drama Kannada film written and directed by K S Ashoka and produced by D Krishna Chaitanya. The Tamil version of the movie is available in TamilRockers. It is one of the most popular movies and TV Shows downloading websites in India. ...

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Dia Movie Download Tamil Rockers - FAQ

1. What is Dia?

Dia is an Indian 2020 romantic Kannada film, written and directed by K S Ashoka, and produced under Sri Swarnalatha Productions by D Krishna Chaitanya. With a music score by B, Starring Pruthvi Ambaar, Dheekshith, and Kushee Ajaneesh Loknath launched on 7th February 2020 in India.

2. Is Dia movie accessible via Tamilrockers?

Dia is KS Ashoka 's second feature film that comes seven years after his popular Romantic movie debut. It is a romantic Kannada film produced by D Krishna Chaitanya and directed and written by K S Ashoka. The Tamil edition of the film is available on TamilRockers.

3. What is it about the Dia movie?

The boring life of a single, introverted girl is brightened when she falls for one of her fellow classmates, Rohith. However, introverting oneself and struggling to express her affection is her life's greatest obstacle.

4. Is Dia film Dheekshit Shetty's Debut?

Yes, Dheekshith Shetty is an Indian film and television actor, who works mainly in Kannada's film industry. He started his acting career with the Kannada series 'Naagini' which was broadcast on Zee Kannada, opposite Deepika Das. He made his debut with Dia, directed by KS Ashoka, on the big screen; the film also stars Pruthvi Ambar and Kushee Ravi.

5. Is Pruthivi Ambar a Jockey on Radio?

Yes, in Kannada, in Tulu, Pruthvi Ambar is a film industry artist. He is also a worker as Radio Jockey in Mangalore, and he has been acting in Kannada and Tulu movies.