Did America Come Up With Coronavirus Vaccine?

Though the US doctors and medical practitioners claim that the anti-malaria drug ‘hydroxychloroquine’ is effective in curing Covid-19 patients, WHO does not consider this drug to be the killer virus vaccine.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 04, 2020 14:17 IST

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Did Trump’s American Doctors Find The Anti-Malaria Drug As A Vaccine for Coronavirus?

Amid critical patients who are doubtful about their survival after being affected by the deadly virus, there are thousands of patients who are recovering every day. This is one positive thing that keeps a few patients from not losing hope and fighting against the virus even after being infected. Many experts say that the body’s immune system, if healthy, along with proper medication, will fight back the infection.
Meanwhile, US doctors consider that analgesics (56 percent) – a type of painkiller, azithromycin (41 percent) – an antibiotic used for bacterial infections and hydroxychloroquine (33 percent) – an anti-malaria drug are most active and had been used by most of the doctors to cure COVID-19 patients. A poll was conducted, and most of the doctors voted hydroxychloroquine was found to be the most effective drug in treating the virus affected patients. However, the WHO strongly believes that there is no such proof that any prescription or medicine can prevent or cure the disease. 


The spokesperson of the Department of Health and Social Care in an interview with Daily Mail said, “Clinical trials are already underway in the UK to assess whether existing medicines such as hydroxychloroquine are suitable for treating COVID-19. Until we have clear, definitive evidence, these treatments are safe and effective, and they should only be used within a clinical trial. People should continue to follow NHS advice and stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.”


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