Different types exercise that improve the performance of cognitive

The researchers have pointed out that a higher level of activity in total does not necessarily result in enhanced mental fitness.

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 18, 2020 20:46 IST

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Exercises for Cognitive performance 

Experts also suggested that they should not miss the workout when at home. According to a new study, exercise not only increases your immunity and mood, it also positively impacts your cognitive wellbeing.

Researchers analyzed 80 individual studies on the effect of exercise upon cognitive output in the broad range of experiments carried out by the University of Basel and colleagues at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. We have recently presented their guidelines in the Nature Human Behaviour journal.

Researchers concluded that stamina, strength training or a combination of the two would enhance cognitive efficiency. However, more effective activities included organized and demanding sports that involve complex patterns of movement and contact with other players.

The study author Dr. Sebastian Ludjana was quoted as saying that "coordinated sports tend to be more important than the overall amount of sports activity."

Researchers pointed out that a higher degree of exercise does not automatically mean that mental health is correspondingly more successful. Longer periods per training unit will only enhance cognitive efficiency for a long time.

Studies have concluded that the sporting activities of this sort do not inherently vary significantly among the age groups, beginning with elementary school and ending in the later years.

By contrast with women, sports have a different effect on men's mental health, affecting the former more. The variations are evident in movement speed, not in sports. Overall, intense workouts are effective for both men and women with a steady rise in strength. Nevertheless, if the strength is raised too quickly, the positive effect in women goes away.

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