Dwayne Johnson & Mother Ata Johnson are creating Toast of gratitude & blessings

Dwayne Johnson and his mother-Ata Johnson-shared a toast for safety on Sunday. Check out the adorable video of the duo which illuminates the internet in no time.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 27, 2020 12:53 IST

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Toast of Gratitude & Blessings

While he spends more time with his daughter Tiana, Dwayne Johnson is making the best of the lockdown. The Rock terms it a 'Real silver lining blessing' despite the epidemic of Coronavirus. And now he is giving his mother fair justice Ata Johnson. On Sunday, the duo toast to peace, protection and relay the idea of remaining alive during the pandemic according to his mother's wish. 

The Rock took to his Instagram on Monday morning to express how he fulfilled one of his mother's wishes during the shutdown of the Coronavirus. The location of Dwayne Johnson and his family during this critical time seem like nothing but proof of peace and affection. Dwayne Johnson shared that Mama Rock desired to raise a toast of gratitude & blessings with all his fans. The duo looks happy and then go by the saying, "Hey everybody, stay healthy and stay safe." Check out the video here.

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