#EightisComing - Twitter Trends Eight Song: Check tweets

#EIGHTIsComing trending on Twitter. Before two days Are you happy now song released from Eight The song rap goes trending in that song and many people started to add their comments about the song and the music which makes to hear it.

Updated: May 06, 2020 15:54 IST




#EightisComing - Tweet

A recent video released by EDAM Entertainment, the Eight songs for the first time. Moreover, one fan exclaimed, "Wow, the rap part!," while listening to Yoongi's verse. "Sunset at the sea. At the beach. It feels like a song you'd listen to while you relax with a friend and feel the wind." another fan explained.

Some fans were left so emotional that they even started crying as IU tried to console them while one fan shared, after listening to the lyrics carefully, "This feeling won't last?!, which gave IU goosebumps. The song rap goes trending in Twitter

Some of the Tweets