Fire Breaks Out at Bangalore

The magnesium scrap stockpile has caught fire and the flames have been extinguished using dry chemicals and compounds. Check out more details here.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 29, 2020 16:16 IST

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Fire in HAL, Bangalore.

A chemical-induced fire erupted on Wednesday morning at the dumping grounds inside the premises of the Forge and Foundry division of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) campus in Bengaluru. According to sources, the incident happened at around 9:00 AM at the campus which is located on Old Airport Road in the city.

Sources added that the magnesium scrap stockpile had caught fire. Following the dismay that was raised by the locals, as many as eight fire tenders were rushed to service, where they immediately started capping the flames with mud because owing to the chemical nature of the compounds, conventional methods to douse the blaze like water could not be used. The entire area has also been roped off by the police to isolate the fire. A HAL emergency team is also present at the spot.

According to an official release by HAL, the fire has now been contained by using "dry chemical fire extinguishers". There is no damage to any property and no casualty reported due to the fire, the release stated, adding that an investigation has been launched regarding the matter. Protection Status