Google 3D Objects: After Google 3D Animals, how to find more objects on Android, iOS

Google 3D search also involves various objects such as body parts, planets, and more. Know how to find them

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 16, 2020 12:43 IST

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Google 3D

Coronavirus isolation has forced both of us to consider ways to stay busy. It refers mostly to those who have little to do at the moment and the internet is their hero in shining armor. Thanks to Google AR artifacts, we have a modern way to spend our time seeing various 3D items right in our houses. Aside from food, though, there are more items in our homes than we would find on Google Search and buy. So here's how you can locate Saturn, a motorcycle, or Santa in Google Search and add them to your Android or iOS computer before you. Read on, to discover more.

You should be informed before we continue that Google has a number of devices that endorse Google ARCore and the ability to display 3D items. Therefore, you should go through it and see whether your computer follows the functionality or not.

How to find planets in Google Search and see them in your house? (Android, iOS)

Google has been partnering with NASA to have the solar system at your doorstep. The partnership would allow you to show 3D models of the various planets, satellites and more at home. The artifacts are Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and also certain satellites like Voyager 1, Apollo and more.

Open Google Search Type in the aforementioned planet names

  • Scroll down to find the NASA website search result

  • Click on View in 3D

  • Select tap on View in your space and move your smartphone around for a while to view the celestial bodies in your house In addition to this, you can also search for names with the suffix 3D for ease.

How to find body parts in Google Search and see in your house? (Android, iOS)

Google has now joined hands with a Recognizable Body to provide you with the ability to display numerous body parts in 3D for you, particularly children to get to know the body better. The body parts which can be seen in 3D are the back, synapse, spine, muscle flexion, upper respiratory tract, coccyx, vertebra, foot, wrist, leg, lung, trachea, thoracic diaphragm, stomach, small/large intestine, appendix, neck, pelvis, head, skeleton, central nervous system, cranial nerve, rib, mouth, tongue, nose, ear, neck, ovary, testicle, red blood cell, and even platelet.

  • You have to head to Google Search Type in Visible Body 3D along with the body part you want to view in 3D

  • Tap on the View in 3D option under the Visible Body website search result

  • Tap on View in your space option and adjust your smartphone by moving it around to view the body part on your couch

How to find Santa and more in Google Search and see in your house? (Android, iOS)

Including stars and body pieces, Santa and even the Chauvet Cave can even be contained in your house. What you need to do is to,

  • Go to Google Search

  • Enter Santa Search (for 3D Santa) of Chauvet Cave in the search bar

  • Select the View in 3D option in the first or second search

  • Select View in your space option, move your phone until you get the 3D object in front of you

As a reference, you can also click on an picture of the same or capture a video to retain it as a memory while you see 3D artifacts inside your house. For this, the shutter button in the center only needs to be single-taped for a image and long-pressed for a recording. Hopefully you'll enjoy discovering and seeing the items in 3D above. When there are more items accessible we can refresh the collection. Protection Status