Google Announced an Update will make sharing Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms files easier on the web.

Google announced an update that will make sharing Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms files easier on the web. The update will be rolled out by May 26 and is available to all G Suite, Drive Enterprise customers, and personal account holders. The update mainly focuses on highlighting common tasks, avoiding unintended permission changes, highlighting who has access to a file.

by Kavitha

Updated: May 01, 2020 16:30 IST

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Google - New Update

Google worked on an update that intends to make sharing Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides files easier on the web. Due to lockdown in India due to the corona pandemic, various countries are work-from-home culture, and keeping its user’s privacy in mind, the new UI has been brought about by the tech-giant for the web. The final rollout is slated for May 26 and is available to all G Suite and Drive Enterprise customers as well as users with Google Accounts.

The new sharing dialog which has been introduced highlights essential user tasks like sharing files, changing permissions, and viewing file access. The redesign also visually helps to separate sharing content with people individually and sharing something in a group through a link. 

New Features 

A copy link button has been added to make it easier for the user to get the link without changing link permissions. A new interface is easy visibility of who has the current access to any item. This will make it easier to audit and change permissions.

To share a single file from Google Drive. Go to Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs. Click on the file you want to share click on Share.To share multiple files you need to press shift on the keyboard and select multiple files. Click share on the top right

You can limit who you want to share your files with to share it with someone you can share it through their email address.To give more access to who you share your files with, click on the down arrow. Select viewer, commentator, editor as per your preference.

You can notify people by sending across a mail to them. You can either check or uncheck the box depending on whether you want to notify people. Click on share and get the link. After clicking on get link, click on the down arrow. Click on Copy Link and then click on Done. You can paste the link in the location you want to share it. Protection Status