Google Doodle says thank you to packaging, shipping and delivery workers

On Wednesday, Google doodle praised workers in packaging, shipping, and delivery with an animated illustration. People who are involved in essential services like the above are at the forefront of the new coronavirus crisis.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 15, 2020 09:57 IST

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Google doodle

Today's animated Google doodle features a heart emoji expressing a lot of love and gratitude, conveyed to delivery workers and people affiliated with the department in question. "Thank you to all of the packing, shipping, and delivery workers," is the message shown on the unique logo as you hover over it.

Although virtually everyone works from home, essential workers continue their field services, risking their lives because of the pandemic. Delivery workers are always on the go and are delivering essential items to people, including food and medicines. All products are packed in respect of a proper sanitizing procedure prior to delivery.

This specific doodle is part of a series that Google released last week to express appreciation for the novel coronavirus pandemic to first responders and emergency workers at the frontlines.

While Covid-19 continues to affect communities around the world, people are now coming together more than ever to support one another. We remember and thank all of those on the front lines; we are launching a Doodle series. Today we want to say: Thank you to all packing, shipping, and delivery workers, "said the Google doodle page.

Google has been making graphic doodles since last week to thank doctors, nurses and healthcare staff, grocery employees, dairy staff and farmers, sanitation workers, and workers in emergency services. Protection Status