Google Duo to roll out closed captions soon!

Google was previously found working on closed captions for its video calling app, Duo. This feature is currently being tested, and a preview of it shows closed captions for the voicemail feature on Duo are available. In February this year, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong first announced about this feature. XDA Developers have now succeeded in getting a glimpse of it and how it works on Duo. Closed captions are only available for voicemails for now, and not for live video calling as one might expect. Google Duo allows users to record videos that can be sent as voicemails.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 06, 2020 13:01 IST

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XDA: Captioning on Duo isn't very accurate

Upon recording the video message on Duo, users will see a "CC" option at the top for closed captions. Users can tap that to turn on the feature, and closed captions will appear on the video for the audio. XDA states the captioning on Duo isn't very accurate.

There is also a separate menu of settings for closed captions that users can turn on / off. These messages, such as videos, voice messages, images, and notes, can also be saved locally along with these users. Google does not erase such messages until deleted by the user. The functionality has not yet been rolled out by Google for Duo. This will be available first for Pixel users who have already closed captioning on their tablets. Google has recently made several changes to Duo, including using artificial noise to enhance the app's voice calls. Google uses this tech called WaveNetEQ, which removes frequently heard audio jitters while making online calls, using artificial noise that imitates human speech. 

Google Duo has also rolled out support for 12 video call participants as demand for video calling apps has sprung up lockdown with people around the world. Protection Status