Happy International Midwives Day 2020 May 5, 2020: International Midwives Day 2020 Quotes, Photos, Message, Wishes, Images

Happy International Midwives' Day 2020: International Midwives Day is observed on May 5 every year since 1991. The day recognizes the work of midwives helping pregnant women deliver babies. Women are specialized in many fields across the globe. The popularity of midwives reduced globally in the past two centuries. They mainly started rising with a lot of women preferring to give birth at home.

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Updated: May 05, 2020 10:08 IST

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International Midwives Day - May 5

International Midwives Day is observed on May 5. The work of midwives who play a vital role in helping pregnant women deliver babies. The 1987 International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) conference held in the Netherlands. The day was also observed in Iran and New Zealand among other places. The theme for ICM 2020 is Midwives with women: celebrate, demonstrate, mobilize, unite – our time is NOW!

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Quotes 2020

Here are some quptes

Good Midwifery Is a Combination of Art, Science, Experience, and Instinct.” ? Jennifer Worth, Farewell to the East End: The Last Days of the East End Midwives.

“The Midwife Considers the Miracle of Childbirth As Normal, and Leaves It Alone Unless There’s Trouble. The Obstetrician Normally Sees Childbirth As Trouble; if He Leaves It Alone, It’s a Miracle.” ? Sheila Stubbs


“It’s Not Just the Making of Babies, but the Making of Mothers That Midwives See As the Miracle of Birth.” – Barbara Katz Rothman


“In All Cultures, the Midwife’s Place Is on the Threshold of Life, Where Intense Human Emotions, Fear, Hope, Longing, Triumph, and Incredible Physical Power-Enable a New Human Being to Emerge. Her Vocation Is Unique.” – Sheila Kitzinger

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