Happy Wedding Anniversary, Ajith and Shalini. Ajith Kumar-Shalini 20th Wedding Anniversary

Ajith and Shalini celebrate the 20th anniversary of their wedding on Friday. When they joined hands for Amarkalam, the actors came to know each other. Instantly, love sparked between both of them. And with the blessings of their families, they decided to marry.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 24, 2020 10:13 IST

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Ajith and Shalini life Journey

Since they were both of separate faiths, they married the religious practices as per both. Shalini had a Protestant Christian background while Ajith is from a Hindu Brahmin family. Yet the pair had a happy life together, in spite of the differences in their religious beliefs. Shalini spoke about it in an interview to a magazine and how they dorted out these differences.

She said, "Ajith and I come from different religions. So, all the festivals we celebrate at home – from Diwali to Christmas. We go alternatively to the church and to the temple.


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