Harbhajan Singh pushed Rohit Sharma into the pool, and Rohit told us how Harbhajan Intended

Rohit Sharma said that with the first reason Harbhajan Singh took my camera, but the screen isn't ruined by heading into the bath. Harbhajan Singh told Rohit there was no voice in your ear, show me there was an issue here. Rohit Sharma could not grasp the attempt by Harbhajan Singh, and only then did the players drive Rohit Sharma into the swimming pool when Harbhajan Singh received a request from Rohit Sharma.

Updated: May 08, 2020 18:52 IST


Hari Aditya


Rohit Sharma Birthday Memory:

Most recently, Rohit Sharma celebrated his 30th birthday, the most unforgettable birthday of his career. Rohit Sharma's birthday was remarkable as he spent it for the first time at his home in such a straightforward manner, otherwise, there should not have been a Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak. Mumbai Indians and sharing his birthday with squadmates. In a chat with Irrfan Pathan, Rohit Sharma recounted such a story regarding his birthday when Harbhajan Singh forced him into the water. Rohit Sharma has said how all this was formulated by Harbhajan Singh., He wrote, Rohit Sharma said that during IPL 2012, the team celebrated my birthday and gave me a push (Harbhajan Singh Funny Moment) in the swimming pool itself. Rohit Sharma said that all this was the trick of Harbhajan Singh, who was the captain of the team at that time.