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Water stored in clay pots is not only cool but also refreshing and good for your health. Here’s why!

by Monika

Updated: Apr 26, 2020 15:55 IST

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‘Matka’ water during summer.

Many of us may be aware of clay pots, which are used widely in India to store drinking water during the summer season. It is considered to be healthy and refreshing during those hot, sunny days of the year. It is not only a substitute for storing water in steel and plastic containers but also has its own set of health factors. Below listed are a few health benefits:

Natural Cooling Effect:

Clay pots were used in those days when there was no refrigerator to store cold water. These pots cool down the water by the principle of vaporization. The clay pot is porous, gradually chills down the water, which is a quality that no container possesses. 

Good for Throat:

A clay pot does not make the water freezing cold, which sometimes is hard for the throat to handle. The water stored in clay pots is mild and chill, which will be soothing for the throat even if you have a cough or cold. Clay pots are preferred mostly during summers as the water stored in regular containers becomes warm due to the temperature, and the water stored in the fridge becomes too cold to drink. 

Prevents Sun Strokes:

Sunstroke is a pervasive problem faced by people during the summer. The water stored in clay pots contains vitamins and minerals, which helps in balancing the glucose levels of the body and provides a cooling effect on your system.

Alkaline in Nature:

The human body is acidic, while the clay is alkaline. When you drink water from these alkaline pots, it reacts with the acids in your body and maintains proper pH balance. This is the reason why drinking Matka water helps in keeping acidity and stomach problems at bay.

Boosts Metabolism:

Water stored in plastic bottles contain toxic chemicals like Bisphenol A or BPA, which is very harmful to the body in many ways. It brings the testosterone levels down and is also known to be an endocrine disruptor. Whereas, drinking water from a clay pot balances testosterone levels and even improves your body’s metabolism.

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