Hina Khan fries her first

Actor Hina Khan reveals a different side of her personality, far from the violent one seen on Bigg Boss 11. She was alone in solitary confinement and busy with household chores. Now, she is showing her culinary skills to her fans.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 10, 2020 15:41 IST

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She shared a new video of frying a bhatura and wrote “Anyone for my first ever PHOOLI HUI POORI. I did it yaaaaaasssss #CookingDiariesWithHK #RookieChefHK Well #RookieChefs rookie mistake It was a BHATURA indeed that’s me.”

Hina's kept her fans engaged with her videos. She posted a melodramatic video bout missing travel some days ago. Prior to that, during the coronavirus pandemic, she had shown how to clean food products and vegetables and fruits. Early in the lockdown, at her mother's orders, she had shared a video about mopping the floor with her brother doing the kitchen dishes.

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Hina has opened up about her way of coping with trolls, and why this particular tweet was important to tackle. "I believe absolutely in the hashtag (# LetsLiftEachOther). It is high time we raised each other, instead of dragging each other down. I don't know why we (everybody else) believe in pulling back.

I don't think we believe in it but somehow it's just that you don't want to see someone else doing well. It automatically happens and you start talking about it in a negative way. You don't want to, but if you don't want to see anyone ahead of you, it does happen. I don't understand the argument, 'said Hina.

"If you are unable to understand it, then at least sit quiet. Why do you want to talk negative about someone? Someone who you don't know or someone who doesn't matter to you. Why are you wasting your time?, "she said.

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