Hockey India Formulates a new strategy for National Championship

Hockey national championships will have a new format from next to Hockey India to restructure its domestic competitions. 
The main aim is to maximize athlete participation and develop the game in states, union territories, institutional units, and academies.

by Kavitha

Updated: Apr 16, 2020 14:07 IST

Tags: Hockey Sports
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Hockey India Board

Hockey India (HI) Executive Board will be restructured are sub-junior, junior and senior national championships for both men and women of HI's registered state member units, Public Sector Units/Departmental Units and academy member units respectively. A player will be eligible to represent his or her team in only one of the events. The previous system of hosting the national championships in A and B division for various age-groups will no longer exist.

All PSUs and departmental units will come under a separate category and compete among each other in junior and senior category (men and women) and a third category is exclusively for academy member units will compete in the sub-junior and junior National Championships (men and women).

Restructuring is done to encourage more states, union territories, institutional units, and academy members to pursue hockey and develop players from their regions. Tournament policy and guidelines will continue to remain the same and every national championship event will be played on a league-cum-knock out basis with pools depending on the final numbers of teams participating. Protection Status