How to check the stalker in whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp has more than two trillion users, one of the world's most common messaging platforms. Although the Facebook-owned application has progressed considerably to ensure that user privacy is respected, some users have some complications in this respect. Worse than ever, privacy appears to be threatened by the emergence of knock-off versions like WhatsApp Gb.

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 27, 2020 21:54 IST

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Stalker in Whatsapp messenger

How do you know, then that somebody stalks you? While it's a big blow to a lot of users, the answer is you can't. For the time being, at least. But don't lose hope yet, there are some signs that show that somebody stalks you.

You need to know whether someone is stalking you; there are five crucial signs.

Read some of the following signs - 

  1. When you're online, even the person will be constantly online

  2. When you are online, the person immediately sends you a message

  3. The person regularly notifies and comments on changes to the status of your profile updates The person notifies and comments about your changes to the profile

  4. once you send the message, the tick sign turns blue immediately

  5. The first person will be the first one to view updates on your status

Hence, you may need to know how to strictly follow these tips so that you can catch a stalker. While it is apparently impossible to identify who has seen the profile image, you can see who has seen your WhatsApp status and who can get in touch with WhatsApp.

1. It's definitely an easy task to see who viewed your WhatsApp status 

A viewer who saw your WhatsApp status. You can do this easily by simply turning your receipts on.

  • Go to your "Settings for Privacy" tab. Go to the "Preferences" tab.

  • Click "Read Receipts" in the bottom of the page.

When you activate 'Read Receipts,' you and the other person who has enabled receipts can see the story of WhatsApp from each other. This could be useful if you're worried about a stalker because you can see how often they look at your story if the other person has receipts.

2. How to check who can contact you through WhatsApp

Your phone number will be kept private as the basic way to control contact with WhatsApp. You can block them if you somehow get your telephone number if someone you don't want to be contacted. It's simple and works immediately. 

  • Open the blocking person's profile.

  • To confirm the block, tap 'Block' and 'Contact reports.'

3. How to see who checks your last WhatsApp?

Only by using a modified WhatsApp version, which can help you know if you frequently visit your WhatsApp profile and check your latest vision is WhatsApp+. The app allows users to see how many contacts their profiles visit. The WhatsApp+ feature allows you to get a pop-up that tells your friend that you are online and that your profile has been visible in the last 30 minutes. Sounds cool, right? Sounds cool, right? Protection Status