How to clean Laptop Keyboard

We are spending hours cleaning our Houses, washing Dishes, and doing laundry. All these works, we do daily, but it comes ignored when it comes to keeping our Smartphones and Laptops clean. Grime and dust on our laptop keyboards, in particular, can go and form harmless to detailing before you know it.

by Sabiya

Updated: Apr 08, 2020 19:13 IST

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Turn it over and shake it 

It's better to keep everything clean now than have to pay to replace a keyboard later on. Before you are starting, anything below, you must do only after turning off the laptop and removing the power cord. Crumbs and other loose wreckage may get even more stuck in the maze between your keyboard keys. If you try to simply brush them away with your hand, it's simple enough to get rid of it.

When we open the laptop screen, turn it over and hold it. So, that the keyboard is facing downwards, some dust and loose wreck have already fallen away. Then tap on it or shake the laptop to remove the more resolute pieces. Remember to do this smoothly. Even though everything inside your laptop is, or must be, patched down, there’s no reason to take a risk.

Few ways to get rid of dust

You can notice a layer of dust on your laptop keyboard. Mainly if you have not used it for a while, and if you use your laptop daily, it's merely difficult to keep it completely spotless. Here are a few different ways to get rid of dust. When you are cleaning the keyboard, you must use the soft-bristled brush to wipe away the dirt and debris. We have to do this carefully, as you want to inadvertently make things worse by pushing dust under the keys. Some brushes pointed to a silicone wiper that lights you into tight corners around the keys.

Also, you can try a mini handheld vacuum cleaner. That you must get one that isn’t too powerful since you only want it to remove dust and loose debris. It’s not necessary since using a brush does the trick more often than not. But I had surely suggest a vacuum to suck up the dust over a can of compressed air to blast it away. Another exciting way to clean the dust is to use cleaning gel. Just spread the gel all over the dust place and pull the jelly back and all the dirt in tow. Instead of a brush, it is the best way to remove the dust on the keyboard quickly.

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Wipe it down for the natural look

Now that the dust and debris have cleaned away, it’s time to get after oil and grime. Like with everything else, it’s better, to begin with, something quick and gentle and increase if things get tougher. Remaining part of dust, you want to clean again with a dry microfiber cloth, then wet the fabric and keep and extract it thoroughly to ensure it is only slightly damp. Then clean all the keys with this without pressing down on them. You don't want moisture to get inside, and a smooth touch is vital once again.

For dirt that simply won’t go away, you must have to get alcohol required. Dip a cotton ball or cotton swabs in some isopropyl alcohol and smoothly wipe the resolute grease away. It goes without saying, but make sure that you always dip the cotton swab in the drink first and nevermore pour it onto the keyboard directly.

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Keep Germs away

The COVID-19 pandemic has guided us, keeping your hands and everything you will probably come in contact with clean and sanitized is key. Many of us are typing away on keyboards all day, and it should give the same treatment.

As described above, Gently wipe beyond the top of the keys and don’t press down on them. Assure that the disinfectant wipe you’re using doesn’t include any bleach in them. You should not use a disinfectant spray, as these may have too much moisture.

Don’t try to separate laptop keys

You may be questioned why I haven’t discussed anything about removing the keys and cleaning under them. That’s usually easier with mechanical keyboards. It’s complicated to do so, and sometimes not even possible, with most laptop keyboards. If you notice that a key is stuck, try cleaning around it with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend getting the keyboard serviced and cleaned by an expert. If a key isn’t working on a laptop, there’s usually a software or hardware problem and not an effect caused by dust or debris. Protection Status