How to clean your laptop and keyboard safely and keep them sanitized during COVID-19

As the world is working from home, there is a lot of access to computers and keyboards for a long time, keeping them clean is vital for your safety and the people around you.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 19:00 IST

Tags: World Corona
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Stay Clean Stay Safe

The pandemic coronavirus has put the world to a stop. Thanks to the speed at which COVID-19 travels, countries across the world have resorted to aggressive measures to curtail the accelerated dissemination of the lethal virus. Governments are trying all they can to keep residents away from the lockdowns and home quarantines and self-isolation. While authorities are at work outside and people are at home, its time we up our hygiene game and safeguard ourselves inside the home. Apart from regular handwashing, we should also take an active interest in sanitizing the area around us. Cleaning and mopping the floor is as important as cleaning the devices that you use on a daily basis. 

Many citizens work from home and the environment sits on their desktop screens. You stay in front of your desktop screens for office work, practice football, browse the net or stream your favorite video show for a good part of the day. But out laptops are also the most ignored beings - you don't know how much dirt your laptop can gather and cleaning and sanitizing it on a regular time interval is important. Cleaning your laptop screens is really important since you cannot go to an electronic store and purchase products that might help you in cleaning your laptop like specially designed liquidus and brushes or air compressors, we have a simple easy way to clean your laptops and keyboards that you can do whenever you find on your laptop screen and keyboard.

It is also vital as you can't go to an online shop to purchase items that might help you clean your laptop including specifically made liquids to brushes or air compressors. But don't worry-we've got a quick and fast way to clean your laptops and keyboards from home comfort. Protection Status