How to Combat Boredom at Home Amid COVID-19 Lockdown.

Bored at home during this lockdown? Worry not. We have a few ideas to keep you occupied during this dark time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 24, 2020 13:09 IST

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Ways to Fight Boredom at Home.

The entire nation is under lockdown for the past 30 days, and people are finding it very difficult to keep themselves occupied the whole day. Though most of them are working from home for their organizations, some have to kill time due to boredom by just surfing the internet and watching TV. Here, we have listed a few fun ideas to combat boredom at home.


For so many days, you would have had the excuse statement ‘I have no time’ for working out just because you were too lazy to wake up in the morning and exercise before you leave for work and tired during the evening after you return from work. For all those silly excuses, this lockdown serves to be the best opportunity to stretch your muscles every day. Find at least half an hour during the day to exercise to keep yourself healthy and active. You don’t need the gym and the equipment for a workout, just a set of squats and burpees would be enough to wake up your muscles.

Learn to cook.

Cooking is not an activity that is meant only for women. Anybody and everybody needs to know how to cook at least a simple and easy dish. Cooking helps you serve yourself and your family. Learning how to cook will make you independent during tough times. Imagine that you know zero in cooking, and you move abroad for your studies or work. You will not have your wife or your mom to make tasty dishes for you. This is when your cooking skills are going to help you. So it is wise to utilize this opportunity to learn cooking to feed yourself without being dependent.


Reading books will make you more knowledgable. Be it favorite comics, novels, biographies, science, or anything for that matter. It is going to boost your vocabulary, reading speed, understanding, learning new words, and life lessons, too, if you’re going to read autobiographies of successful people. Reading increases your concentration level.

Organize your Space

This is the perfect time to clean and organize your messy wardrobe. Just spread a mat on the floor and pull out those clothes from your closet and organize everything. Pick out the ones which you are indeed using and keep the old ones for the needy. You can pack the ones which you no longer use and donate it to the orphanage or to anyone who is in need. Remember, ‘your waste is someone else’s need.’ So take the time and organize your closet and your other things in your room or home.

Catch up with your friends on a video call

Meeting your friends at the bar or restaurant is an impossible thing during this lockdown as everything is shut down, and moreover it isn’t safe to step out of your house for unnecessary reasons. So, call your friends, plan, and fix a time when everybody is free and have the same fun via video calls.

Dance party at home

Always wanted to dance at a party? Do it at your home right now, along with your family. You might feel shy to expose your amateur moves in front of the crowd but not in front of your family. Get your family members too to groove to that beat song. Pull your grandparents and slow dance with them for a melody that was released during their time. Try it, only then you’ll know it’s fun.

Play online games with family and friends

Many online games have been launched on the play store and app store for people to play during this lockdown. The famous one is the Ludo King, which has gained popularity in recent times. Likewise, there are many more games available which helps you connect with your friends and family. Download one and feel the time flee by.

Learn something new

Do not regret later after wasting this lockdown for not learning anything new. You would have definitely had that childhood wish to learn mechanics, or painting, drawing, or art and craft. Make use of this lockdown and take up free online sessions or watch youtube tutorials to learn new things.

Watch Movies:

Now that broadband companies are coming up with the internet at low cost, subscribe to any of the online streaming apps and watch your favorite movies online. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Hotstar have a series of epic films that one must watch. Protection Status