Moving the images from Gmail to Google Photos. Check Here for Easy Steps

The storage ability of Gmail relies on the limited 15 GB of space that Google offers for limited. Thus, if you get an email that has big attachments on it, the attached file takes up some space from Google Drive. When you get too many photos via email then in no time you will finish filling up the 15 GB space.
What is the solution here, then? All right, you got this correctly. Export Pictures to Google photos via following steps

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 01, 2020 16:52 IST

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More Photos in Gmail?

Gmail storage capacity depends on Google Drive's free 15 GB space, which Google provides free. Therefore, the attached file takes up some room from Google Drive if you get an email that has large attachments on it. When you obtain so many images via email then you can end up filling up the room of 15 GB in no time.

What, then, is the answer here? Okay, you guessed it right. Import your images to Google Photos, since Google's photography software offers infinite storage space if good quality pictures are submitted.

Yet, how are we doing it? Google does not provide any clear way of saving them directly to Google Photos in Gmail. Okay, in this situation, there is a slight solution that may be helpful. Read on, to know more. Before we dive in, you should realize there's no way to pick up all the images from Gmail and post them to Google Photos at once. Yeah, you'll have to do it one-by-one manually.

Steps to move photos from Gmail to Google Photos

  1. Open Gmail on your PC and log in

  2. Now, open any mail that has photos attached to it

  3. Now, scroll down to the attachment section and click on the 'Drive' icon placed beside the download icon.

  4. Once done, repeat the same for other photos in Gmail

  5. Now, open and login

  6. Click on the Upload button and choose Google Drive from the option

  7. Now, choose all the photos you want to upload

  8. Once the uploading process is complete, head back to Google Drive and delete the photos. Protection Status