How to save YouTube videos to view Offline to Reduce Data usage during Lockdown

Last month, COAI or India's Cellular Operators Association announced a sudden rise in mobile data usage as a result of lockdown implementation to control the Covid-19 spread. Several video service providers have requested to reduce the default streaming resolution to SD (standard definition) like YouTube because viewing videos is among the most data-consuming activities on the internet.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 10:44 IST

Tags: App News Tech
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Offline Video Trics

Nonetheless, watching a repeat YouTube video still consumes loads of data and the data consumption is expected to increase with favorite songs playing again and again. But what if you can save and listen to a YouTube video on your smartphone whenever you want, without having to have an internet connection? That is where the Download feature of YouTube comes in handy.

Do note that, for some videos you might need to subscribe to YouTube premium service. Per-requisites:

  • Working internet connection (while downloading the video only)

  • Latest version of YouTube mobile app

  • YouTube Premium subscription (optional)

How save YouTube video for offline viewing

  • Open YouTube app on your smartphone

  • Search for any video you want and tap on it

  • From the playback screen in portrait mode, tap on Download button

  • Then, tap on the resolution in which you want to save the video and tap ok

  • YouTube will now download the video and keep it stored on the local storage

To watch a saved video, tap on the Library tab from the bottom of the app and tap Downloads and tap on any video you want to watch. Protection Status