I cried the whole night: Virat Kohli on his most helpless moment

India skipper Virat Kohli's steely determination has become a hallmark of his cricketing career. Those who have followed his career closely will know that he is a highly charged and energetic individual and is someone who wears his emotions on his sleeve.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 22, 2020 11:16 IST

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Emotional Moments of Kohli

The high commitment of India skipper Virat Kohli has been a staple of his cricketing career. Many that have closely followed his career will realize that he is an emotionally charged and enthusiastic individual and that he is somebody who wears his emotions on his sleeve. Kohli, however, talked about one of those unusual moments on Tuesday when he felt completely powerless in his life.

"I felt nothing was working for me when I was not picked for the state team initially. I cried the whole night and asked my coach 'why did I not get selected'?" he said while speaking in an online class organized by "Unacademy".

Kohli also said citizens seemed to have been more humane as they coped with the COVID-19 pandemic and hoped that the feeling of appreciation to frontline personnel including doctors and police officers would continue long after the crisis was over. Kohli and Anushka Sharma, his partner, talked at length about the obstacles they faced before degusting progress.

"The one positive out of this crisis that we as a society have become more compassionate. We are showing more gratitude to the frontline workers in this war, be it police personnel, doctors or nurses. "I hope it stays this way even after we overcome this crisis," said Kohli with Sharma seated next to her. Kohli said the pandemic has taught the world a very important lesson. "Life is unpredictable. So, do what makes you happy and not get into comparisons all the time. People have a choice now on how to come out of this phase. Life is going to be different after this," said the skipper.

For Sharma, the pandemic has forced people to care about the basics of life. "There is a learning in all of this. Nothing happens without a reason. If the frontline workers were not there, we would not have access to basics," she said. "This has taught us that no one is special than the other. Health is everything. We are more connected as a society now," she added.

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