I shave everyday riddle

I shave everyday riddle: I shave everyday riddle has gone viral on social media like Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp groups as it tests the logical ability of a person. Take a look at the I shave everyday riddle and test your skills. Read the article to know about the I shave everyday riddle and get the explanation for the riddle in this article.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020 15:04 IST


Roselet Sheena Merli


What is I shave everyday riddle?

Puzzles, riddles, and challenges have become viral on social media as people seek different and fun ways to connect with each other during the COVID-19 lockdown. Solving puzzles and riddles will put your minds to the test and keep busy during the lockdown. Such mind-boggling riddles are currently trending on social media.

Recently people have been sharing I shave everyday riddle with their friends and family. This I shave everyday riddle has received many responses and different answers from people across the world. Take a look at the I shave everyday riddle.

Check the I shave everyday riddle here!


“I shave everyday but my beard is the same. What am I?”

People have been posting this riddle on their social media and challenging their family and friends. Try to answer the simple question.

What is the answer to the I shave everyday riddle here?

The right answer to the I shave everyday riddle is "A Barber."


Here is why!

A barber has several customers in his shop every day. He shaves several people's beards. But his beard remains the same. Its quite simple, right!

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I shave everyday riddle - FAQ

1. There are 2 people near the river and both of them want to get on the other side. The boat can only take one of them. But they got across. How?

The right answer to the riddle is they were on the different sides of the river. In the riddle, it wasn't mentioned which side the 2 people are standing. The 2 people can cross the river only if they stand on different sides.

2. Nobody has ever walked this way. What was it that?

The right answer is the Milky Way. Now, if you look at the question, nobody has ever walked through the Milky Way. Hence, the Milky way is the answer.

3. What are the riddle poems?

Riddles are poems that describe someone/something without naming it. The intrigue of a riddle is trying to guess the object, person, or idea being deceptively described.

4. Someone walked into a dark room and pushed something. There was broken glass and someone died. What happened?

The answer to the riddle is A fish tank broke and the fish died. As someone walked into a dark room and he/she pushed the fish tank. The fish tank was broken. Hence, there was broken glass and the fish died.