In a fan page, Malavika labeled as Misogyny gets Trolled and deletes Post

Master's leading lady, Malavika Mohanan, was swift to respond to the misogynic depiction that emerged on a fan page on Twitter. Yet she immediately deleted it, though the tweet's screenshot went viral on social media.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 27, 2020 13:32 IST

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Malavika on Troll

It all started when, during quarantine, a Twitter user shared an art image of Master crew wasting time. The photo had drawings like Vijay, Malavika, Anirudh, and Vijay Sethupathi. Vijay is seen seated on a sofa listening to music while Anirudh and Vijay Sethupathi play piano playing a game. Meanwhile, Malavika is seen cooking at the kitchen while all the men in the room are comfortably enjoying life by indulging in things they are interested in. This prompted the actress to reply, "The task of a woman in a hypothetical "movie house" is to cook? When will gender roles die? Sigh."

There were men who threatened her, and even though she removed the post, they shamed her. There were even some who offered encouragement to the actress and felt she wasn't meant to remove the message. Chinmayi, too, came out to help her and said she understood why the message had to be removed. She wrote in one of her Tweets, "A lot of people can't take the hate that comes from thousands of people. The bile is unbelievably acidic. Don't blame them for it." Protection Status