In Bombay HC, Petition seeks to move the Palghar mob lynching investigation to NIA

A petition was filed in Bombay High Court on Friday seeking to transfer the investigation into the Palghar incident, in which two Sadhus and their driver were killed by an angry mob, to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 24, 2020 18:54 IST

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A Plea on Bombay Hich Court

On Friday, a petition was filed in the Bombay High Court seeking to move the inquiry to the National Inquiry Agency (NIA) in the Palghar accident in which two Sadhus and their driver were killed by an angry mob. The petition, filed by Mumbai-based lawyer Ghanshyam Upadhyay, also sought directions from the central government and Palghar SP to send a reply to the NIA with a view to allowing the authority to take a decision on the probe. "The investigation of the case so transferred by this court to the Respondent Number 4 (NIA) be monitored and supervised by this court and the same is directed to be carried out within some time-bound manner and the Respondent No 4 be further directed to submit their periodical reports to this court," the petition said.

The plea said the matter is of an exceedingly alarming and delicate nature which therefore has far-reaching implications as prominent people seem to be concerned and seem to be the cornerstones of the criminal conspiracy. 

"In the entire episode, the local police and their higher rank officers seem to be a party of the said deep-rooted criminal conspiracy and with the result, every attempt is made by the culprits and local police to show as if, it was a case of mob lynching under the mistake and belief of those saints being thieves," the plea said.

"Not only the video of mob lynching has been stage-managed in a pre-planned manner, but even a fake narrative is created to the effect that those saints were believed to be thieves by the mob on account of there being several incidents of thefts in the area," it added.

The complaint claimed that after two days, the FIR had been reported on the issue. It said the pause in reporting the FIR appears to be an excuse to "brush aside such ghastly crime under the carpet" by taking advantage of COVID-19 national lockdowns.

"It is discernible that that local police, including the high ranking police personnel, also appears to be deeply involved in the criminal conspiracy of the brutal murder of those two Hindu saints and their driver and the investigation needs to be carried out by the NIA as local or state police can not be believed at least in this particular matter," the plea said. Protection Status