Happy International Dance Day 2020: International Dance Day Wishes, Pics, Status, Quotes

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29 April. People who are addicted to dance dedicate international dance day pics, international dance day status to all over the world to show love towards the dance. Various happy international dance day quotes, happy international dance day 2020, today special day wishes are available here. Let us check it out now.

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International Dance Day - Wishes, Status, Quotes

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29 April. The main aim is to promote art and culture, to raise awareness among the public regarding the art of dance. The day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). The day is concentrated French dance artist Jean-Georges Noverre, who was born in 1727, a French dancer, ballet master, and a great reformer of dance.

International Dance Day Wishes

Here are some of the Text message wishes for International Dance Day

Come, turn off your television, switch off your computer, and come to dance.
Express yourself through that divine and dignified instrument, which is our body.

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International Dance Day Pictures

Some dance related pictures are given below let us wish the people and whereas they are given below

International Dance Day Wishes

Here are some favorite quotes of the day

Dance, when you’re broken open.Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.Dance in the middle of the fighting.Dance in your blood.Dance when you’re perfectly free.

When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate,I cannot separate myself from life.I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance.

“Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.”


International Dance Day Status

Status for International Dance Day

Laugh when you can. Smile everyday.
Sing in the shower. Dance in the rain.
Don’t worry what anyone thinks.
Keep moving forward and don’t look back.
Because life goes by fast & it happens once…