Is Government planning to drop money from helicopters? Fake News, says PIB

As a fight against coronavirus is being waged, yet another battle is taking place simultaneously against fake news related to the pandemic. The Fact Check wing of the Press Information Bureau has debunken a variety of these false statements. The new one they bust is a story the government will drop money from the helicopters. PIB posted a tweet that dismissed the claim as fake.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 17, 2020 10:27 IST

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Twitter Update

PIB Tweeted

Claim: Government is going to drop money from helicopters in every town,” they posted. “#PIBFactCheck: Government is going to do no such thing,

Here is the tweet

The tweet got plenty of attention receiving 1,200 likes and over 400 retweets. Some have praised the handle for the fake news bust. Protection Status